Monday, March 30, 2009

Week of 3.23.2009 - Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine and more...

I know I have been slacking on this blog... but that's what happens when training ramps up. I have also been sticking with some favorites... Green Flash West Coast IPA, Lagunitas IPA, and Stone Ruination IPA. But last week I did get into some new stuff thanks to some sale items a Jimbo's.

I headed into Jimbo's before our wednesday night lululemon run to pick some dinner and they had a bunch of single beers on sale so I picked up a couple of those and also a 22oz of the Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine. I have never had a Barley Wine before this and because Stone is probably one of the best breweries around I decided to give it a shot and make the purchase.

I cracked the Old Guardian open on Thursday night just wanting to try. For some reason I was convinced I was not going to like. Well let's just say that I was way off. I loved and proceeded to kill the entire 22oz and with it being 11.3% ALC I was definitely feeling it! Stone doesn't disappoint... and I will never write-off another one of their beers without trying it first. Here's the review from Beer Advocate:
Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine

The other beers I tried:
Flying Dog IPA - very good. i will definitely be buying more of this. the single i picked up from Jimbo's wasn't enough!
Firehouse IPA - ok... at 5.9% for an IPA I thought it was kind of week and doesn't even come close to the other San Diego brewed IPA's.
New Begium Might Arrow Pale Ale - very good pale ale. I really like this. Meredith both Beth and I six pack for letting her borrow my race wheels. I would loan out my race wheels to anybody willing to buy me a sixer of this stuff.


  1. Old Barley wine kicked my ass after my windy road ride yesterday. Its better than the Green Flash Barley if I had to pick, same with Lagunitas. Stones barley is the best of the 3!

  2. If you like this one check out Lagunitas Olde GnarlyWine they've had it at the Encinitas BevMo for a couple of weeks now.