Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week of 3.2.2009 - Lagunitas The Hairy Eyeball

I am stoked on this beer. So far everything I have had from Lagunitas is solid.

I rolled to Ryan's house late friday night before Counting Coup and he had The Hairy Eyeball waiting in his fridge for our pre-race brew. To me it was almost like a hoppy'er amber... and really good. That's all I really have to say... and I will be picking up a sixer of this at BevMo this week.


  1. Love the hairy eyeball. My sister had some today and liked it alot too. I could tell you wanted more Friday night, but I had to keep you in check! haha. Oh by the way, "Le freak" was way more trippely belgiumy stuff than ipa...had like a hint of ipa and basically was a trippel. Whatever it was still good but definitely a one time thing. Looking forward to the port with you and beth and everyone else next sunday for sure!!

  2. pre race brew? what about the post race brew? That's what i want to read about!

    Lagunitas is definitely good stuff.