Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week of 2.23.2009 - Port Brewing Shark Attack Double Red Ale

After a long day and a hard race on Sunday I was ready for a cold beer when I got home. i picked up this 22oz of Port Brewing Shark Attack Double Red Ale a couple of weeks and go and it's been chillen in the fridge.

This was the first time I have had this beer. I really like the Port's Shark Bite red ale so I was pretty sure I would like this double red ale. Shark bite is 5.5% alc and the Shark Attack is 9%.... sweet!

It definitely didn't disappoint. Even though it's a pretty strong beer it doesn't really taste like it. Way more mellow than the strong IPA's I have been drinking lately. I will be picking up a couple of these next time I go to BevMo. Since it's only a seasonal release I want to make sure I get some more before it's all gone.

here are some more reviews from Beer Advocate:



  1. Definitely one of my faves as well from Port Brewing. The Wipeout IPA is also delish.

  2. Yeah I need to get after some of this stuff. It sounds good, a good IPA changeup too.

  3. I gotta get up there and check-out that place.
    Sounds good. Your fridge is like a national treasure (chest), no?

    Let's hear about the race schedule, dude. TDF?
    Leadville 100 mtb race?