Monday, January 26, 2009

Week of 1.19.2009 - Dale's Pale Ale + Racer 5 IPA

Ok... this week is a 2 for 1 and both of these beers I have had before. First up is a beer from the Oskar Blues brewery in Lyons, CO: Dale's Pale Ale.

The first time I had a Dale's Pale Ale was at the 24 Hours in Old Pueblo last year. They were sponsoring a team at the race and giving out free beer at their RV. I love companies that support mountain biking and especially one's that give away free beer! I also like the fact that it comes in a can... always colder. This is a good everyday beer. Not to hoppy and goes down easy. A perfect beer to knock back while working on the bikes or cleaning the garage... at least that's what I did.

Now here's the bonus beer. Bear Republic's Racer 5 IPA.

I have been into this beer for quite some time and actually had a chance to go to their Brewpub last summer when we were in Sonoma for Vineman. This is just one of the those beers that you gotta get in a 22oz bottle. 12oz just wont' do it.


  1. It took me forever to get to Dale's Pale Ale. I had this snob thing going about beer in a can. Then I had it - it is probably now my staple when I can't decide on what else to get or if I don't want to be too daring. That is just a solid beer.

    I will look for the Racer ... but I have not seen it here. That frosty glass sure looks pretty.

  2. Just found this blog. I'm speechless.

    mmm beer. I'm grabbin some Dale's this week.
    Racer 5 is very nice. I agree with the can theory. One of the breweries in Hawaii does all cans; i forget the technical rationale, but it's a good approach (it's eco, it protects the beer from light, stays colder . . ???).

    keep up the good work, JW.

  3. I was at a Dale's beer night at Empire Restaurant & Lounge last Thursday. Got to keep the logo'd pint glasses with each beer! They had their Old Chub Scotish there also, which is killer!

  4. that frosted pint looks so damn good - especially right now

  5. James,
    way to go man! This is a blog I can get behind. I live up in Oakland (ran XC/track with Paul Wellman at UCD), and you know we have our share of great breweries in NorCal (check THIS out!, but honestly I think I've been getting my favs from your SoCal breweries (Green Flash, Pizza Port, Stone, etc.)Also, a tip before you shop: check out, and under the search function you can see people's tasting notes from around the world, every beer, every type. Life's too short to drink bad beer if you know what I mean.

    My old standby from our area: Lagunitas IPA. Sometimes you can get a 12-er for $11.99!

    Jim Sweeney